Dreams A Dream

let's paint tomorrow with a brand-new color

I'm just a normal senior high school girl who love Chinen very much!!
especially his smile!! I just want to pinch his cheeks everytime XD
wait till you see our wedding photo (me and Chii) haha just kidding!
I want him to be my lil'brother...he's just soo cute
if Chii is my lil'cute brother
he can sit on my laps anytime he want XD
and we'll eat sweets together...
I hope I can get the schoolarship to japan, so I can study there (one of my biggest dream!)
while I can meet Chii, even just in HSJ concert or TV shows~
if Chii is my lil'cute brother then Daiki is my BF *slapped kicked punched by Daiki's fans* hahaha
well anyway I like to draw even it's not that good, I'm still improving my skill..
I like to cooking, bake, sing, and dance ( I like it but that doesn't mean I CAN do it properly..hehe)
Colour that I like...Green, white, orange, sky blue, lemon yellow, maron red, black, grey, calm pink...I think I don't have my special favorite colour

I guess this should be enough for now XD