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36 things of you

okay~ I got this from tumblingrabbit 
I want you guys to fill it XD
but its still up to you~ do you want to do it or not hahahaha~ >3

36Collapse )


fill it...if you want~

I finally post something in my LJ....I haven't post something like....a month ? XD

nyooo its a meme
got it from fuji_chan 
like the title said~ fill it if you want it XD

Jyaaaan!Collapse )


fic : Teddy Bear

Title : Teddy Bear

Author : hei_sei (me)

Pairing : Arijima, TakaYama (bonus)

Warning : shounen-ai (boys love)

Rate : PG (for kissing scene)

Words : 1907

Genre : Fluff (love to make it but sucks at making it T_T)

summary : Daiki got angry with yuto(yeah I'm bad at writing summary)

Disclaimer : DaiChii is mine mwahahahaha!! (in my dream) T_T

Author's Note : yeah~ this is the first time I make a fic without DaiChii in it T___T

anyway this fic was dedicated for [info]ain_chan! Ai-chan~ this is my present for you~ (yaay!)

happy birthday!!(since you say you wouldn't be online on your birthday so I just post it now~)

but...sorry if it's no good...well~ enjoy it XD

and...comment still loved~



Teddy BearCollapse )

Haunted House (1/2)




Title : Haunted House (1/2)
Author : hei_sei (me! XD)

Pairing : DaiChii, YabuTaro, HikaTo, TakaYama, InooJima

Rating : PG

Genre : romance ? fluff ? horror?? (I don't know what genre it is...just read it)

Words : 1278

Author's Note : Okay...I'm making this fiction because I'm inspired by halloween day~

and...this is my second fanfiction (yay!) but I think...I'm failed again at making this...*sob

I'm making this on a rush...because I want to post it in 31 October XDDD so it's not that good, And at first I want to make a one shot fic but now it changed into a multi-chapter (yay again! My first muti chapter!) I’m not expected it would be this long…and now…I feel really sleepy

So I guess I’ll continued it tomorrow…and again I know it’s not good

but I still hope for a comment...and

so sorry for many grammatical error.. I’m not reread it


anyway here it is~

I hope you'll enjoy reading it


Happy Halloween Everyone!!Collapse )






Kiss ?

Title : Kiss ?

Author : hei_sei (me)

Pairing : DaiChii, YabuTaro

Genre : fluff ? (failed >__<)

Rating : PG - 13

Words : 1548

Author's Note : this is my first fanfiction! and I guess I failed! T___T

sorry for the grammatical error! I'm not really good at english T___T

well anyway...here it is! hope you like it

and...comments are love ^^


DaiCHiiCollapse )

Hi! I'm New Here~


huff....hellow everyone (why am I nervous now…XD)
I'm new here in LJ...I came to LJ, cause there's sooo many things and info of Hey!Say!JUMP XD
I really like love Hey!Say!JUMP especially Chinen *kyaa kyaa!* hahaha
he’s just so irresistable..look at him so..so cute but there’s a cool part of him too
I like it when he’s dancing and singing, but most of it, I love when he’s smiling
Chii smile is so…LOVE *what am I saying now* (okay I’ll stop haha~)

but I like Daiki, Ryutaro, Ryosuke, Yuto, Hikaru, Keito, Inoo, Yuya, and Yabu too! …wait a minute it’s all of them! *I’m such a greedy person XD*
My dream is to go to Japan and meet all of HSJ members but not in their concert,,
Then go to amusement park together :]
Alrighty then! Maybe I wouldn’t have good information or something good to share with everyone about Hey!Say!JUMP, cause I don’t really have much time to search all weeks for it..maybe I ‘ll just be a consumer here, cause my japanese is still sucks
 But I’ll start learn it in near future
But when I find something interesting about them (I mean HSJ) I’ll definitely give that to all of you ASAP
(I think I just saying about HSJ all the time..well what can I do)
And Sorry if my English is not that good~
And again, maybe..I'll rarely come to my LJ around this weeks
I have my middle semester test next week >__<
Wish me luck!!

It's nice to meet you all hope we all can be best friends!! ^^
And tell me if I do something wrong, key ??
and please help me cause I’m still new here :]

Yoroshiku onegaishimasu minna!
edited XDD 

I just recognized~ I haven't told you my name...where I came from ....etc XDD
so yeah...this is it hahaha~ (read it if you want and leave if you don't want) yeah~

atashi wa Nara desu! but you can call me Na-chan~ (yoroshiku na~!)
I'm Indonesian~ yay! hehe
and I love Chinen (....I already told you that..right ?) khuhuhu~ *evil grin
I born in heisei era in the same year as Chinen (my luck)
and just 9 days older than Yuto~ (I'm older than him and he's taller than me! it's not fair) >3
to make it simple~ I'm 15 now :D
ow...and I'm a girl~ not a boy...nyahahaha~
I like to make fanfic about HSJ~
I like DaiChii! (1st OTP ever!)
but I like NaChii! more (mexChii) XDD I never make a fic about this before but I hope this pair will be real someday in the future! yatta! *got shot, smacked, whacked, and aah! there's granat coming! *gotta run!

sorry! Gotta go! XD
I...kinda busy now~ yeah! Chii and Daiki fans hunt me now....they all so scary XD
whoops gotta go!  jya ne~ hope we can be good friends! :3


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